Buying a Smoker | Smoker Buying Guide with Pitmaster Malcom Reed
Things to Consider when Buying a Smoker For more barbecue and grilling recipes visit: Tips for Buying a Smoker I get countless questions looking for information about purchasing a new Smoker, so I thought it would be cool to shoot a quick video talking about a few important ideas to consider before buying that new pit. 1. What’s your Budget? Smokers come in all price ranges but ultimately how much you are willing to spend determines where you start. There are lower end pits in the $100-$400 range. This is where most people start out, and there are good options here. For me I’d go with a drum smoker or Weber Smoker Mountain. In the midrange $400-$1000 you’ll find a little more quality. Stick Burners, ceramic smokers, and even pellet grills can all be found in this range. The high end smokers are typically over $1000 and this range is for serious pit masters. 2. What are you using it for? Do you just want a pit for the backyard? Are you planning on getting into competition bbq? Or do you plan to make money with this smoker? These are all important questions to decide the use of the smoker and will determine what type of pit you need. 3. How much capacity do you need? Capacity is how much meat can fit on the grate. If you’re just cooking at home for family and friends you probably don’t need a huge smoker. If you’re doing comps or catering gigs then smoker capacity is an issue; and you want to make sure that the pit can handle the job. 4. What is your smoking style? This is your personal preference, whether its stick burning, pellet smoking, or a combo of coal and wood, your style is important when it comes to deciding on a pit. There’s plenty more to consider when buying a new smoker like accessories, durability, versatility, and even fuel choices these are just a few of the ideas you should be considering. The main point to thing about is do some research first; don’t make a blind buying decision. There’s plenty of good info out there if you just look for it. Videos and websites are valuable sources and I would also talk to people who actually own the type of pit you’re leaning towards. Learn all there is to know about the smoker before dropping money on it and you won’t regret the purchase. Hope this helps a little when you’re deciding to buy your next smoker; and Welcome to the Addiction! For Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce, Rub and Competition BBQ equipment, visit:
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