"Fine Dining" Recipe Challenge | Pass it on
It's one of your FAVE formats so we've brought it back, BUT this time we each get 15 minutes to contribute to the dish. And it's a good job too considering that this weeks theme is 'Savoury Fine Dining' (?!). Pan-fried Crusted Lamb in a Wild Garlic Oil, accompanied by Baby Hasselback Potatoes & Beef Dripping Beetroot Steaks on a bed of Yoghurt Pea Puree might sound pretty cheffy, but we're not so sure we're gonna be winning any Michelin Star's just yet! WANT TO SUPPORT SORTED?? Here's how to get involved... SUBSCRIBE to the channel and press the bell button to get notifications every time we post: https://goo.gl/pqaw14 Join the Sorted club for EXCLUSIVE podcasts and video specials: https://goo.gl/otD6NF Grab a copy of our AWESOME cookbook Desserts In Duvets: https://goo.gl/dEPqoo Create and account and carry on the conversation with other foodies on our forum: https://goo.gl/P73eMr MASSIVE thank you to Jaded for our intro music, you can check them out here: http://bit.ly/JadedSpot