The EASIEST Gingerbread Houses to DIY with the Kids this Christmas!
The Cutest and Easiest No Bake "Gingerbread" houses EVER, turned into a DIY holiday craft party for the kids! Click here -- -- to see the “Merriest House in Town” Hallmark Keepsake Ornament that inspired this awesome crafternoon Hallmark Gold Crown is inspiring acts of care this holiday season, and I'm so proud of my kids for taking part. This year they took the time to handmake their Christmas gifts for their teachers, and I know everyone's going to see the extra care and thought that went into creating these gifts. #CareEnough All you need to make your own DIY "gingerbread' cookie houses is; 6 x square cookies (or 3 full graham crackers) 50g (approx) compound white chocolate, melted Candy! I used apple candy rings, fruit tic tacs, candy canes and holiday candy corn Big thanks to Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments for sponsoring todays video and supporting this sweet community (and for the super cute ornaments!) Get my NEW BOOK: SUBSCRIBE HERE: FOLLOW ME ON: FACEBOOK for quick vids, posted daily: INSTAGRAM for sneak peeks and the best sweet pics: TWITTER - PINTEREST to save & pin my stuff: My PERSONAL FACEBOOK Strictly for Selfies:
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